Laboratory testing is one of the most effective tools available to guide you to improve your health. Our advanced BodyBio Reports provide detailed information, above and beyond that of a lab’s limited “normal or abnormal” results, by expanding the information and linking it to the medical research for a precise and comprehensive health improvement plan.

  • Wellness  –  Including essential nutrients as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and protein should be the beginning of any wellness program. They are essential for life. We cannot make nutrients ourselves and we literally cannot survive without them. It is what we put into our mouths that dictates our health.
  • Minimize Drug Requirements  –  Medications can interfere with our metabolism and challenge our liver function. The BodyBio report links abnormalities in blood chemistry to the use of particular medications. Stabilizing the blood chemistry with a healthy diet and individually indicated supplements fills in nutritional gaps that we all have to varying degrees. Strengthening our metabolism elevates how we feel and moves us away from the need for medication.
  • Disease Prevention  –  Nutritional deficiencies, over time, cause untold physical and mental challenges, which can evolve into arthritis, headaches, heart problems, muscle cramping, insomnia, fatigue, GI distress and more. The list is endless, and but many of the symptoms can be suppressed, and perhaps reversed, with the right nutritional support.
  • Anti-Aging – Nourishing the body and brain with a healthy diet and essential nutrients will go a long way to offsetting physical deterioration. Prevention is the ultimate key to insure good health throughout your lifetime.
  • Health is Wealth --- Literally – Our ability to perform, if hampered by declining health, can subsequently affect our earning ability and quality of life. Starting a wellness program and sticking to it can go a long way and be rewarding in many ways that we cannot even imagine.

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