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Laboratory testing is one of the most effective tools available to guide you to improve your health. Our advanced BodyBio Reports provide detailed information, above and beyond that of a lab’s limited “normal or abnormal” results, by expanding the information and linking it to medical research for a precise and comprehensive health improvement plan. The BodyBio Report comes in the following four versions. See Feature Chart

BodyBio Report with Blood Test

  • BodyBio Wellness Report – Our revolutionary Wellness Report lets you get the most from the companion Blood Test. Nutritional Supplement and Blood Test Status features are grouped together with our NEW Dietary features that are generated from your Blood Test Results.
  • BodyBio Professional Report  – Our full-featured HealthCare professional report has all of the features of the BodyBio Report, plus Clinician Biomedical Intervention, Disease Patterns, Advanced Body System Status, and Drug Interactions.
  • BodyBio Fatty Acid Report – Using the Gold Standard laboratory from Johns Hopkins, our Red Cell Fatty Acid Analysis contains an in-depth essential fatty acid review with suggestions to bring your EFAs into balance to enhance the health of every cell membrane in your body.

Key In Your Numbers

  • BodyBio Online Report – Includes the basic Nutrient and Blood Test Status features, but does not include a blood test. Enter your latest blood test results into our program at and view your report along with the abstracts that support each suggestion.

Full Feature Comparison:

BodyBio Report Type Wellness Report Pro Fatty
Includes Blood Test CHEM28
Report Features Wellness Report Pro Fatty
BioMarker Status Report with Graph Included Included Included
Nutritional Supplement Report Included Included Included
Body System Analysis (Panels) Included Included Included
Dietary Features Wellness Report Pro Fatty
Dietary Focus on You Included Included Included
Nutrient Rich Foods Included Included  
On and Off The Menu Included Included  
Foods to Avoid     Included
NEW Dietary Balance Included Included  
NEW Suggested Balanced Menus Included Included  
NEW Muscular Potential for Exercise Included Included  
NEW Fluid Balance Included Included  
NEW Stress Quotient Included Included  
NEW Rethink Bread Included Included  
NEW Sunlight Quotient Included Included  
HealthCare Professional Features Wellness Report Pro Fatty
BioMedical Intervention Info   Included Included
Lipid Nutritional Intervention     Included
Lipid Biopsy (Build, Burn & Balance)     Included
Drug Interaction Report   Included  
Body System Analysis (Panels) Included Included Included
Body System Analysis Detail (SubPanels)   Included Included
Patterns of Potential Medical Disorders   Included Included
Counseling Support   Included Included
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