BodyBio Fatty Acid Report (Doctor's Report)


Using the Gold Standard laboratory from Johns Hopkins our Red Cell Fatty Acid Analysis contains an in-depth essential fatty acid review with suggestions to bring your EFAs into balance to enhance the health of every cell membrane in your body.

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Graphical Interpretation

Overview depicting both a graphical and mathematical representation of deviations in the test results.
  • Graphical representation of test results
  • Displayed deviation from midpoint
  • Degree of abnormality is weighted
  • Membrane health status can be determined
  • Red cell analysis from Johns Hopkins

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Developed for clear depiction and categorization of fatty acid (FA) test results for practitioners.
  • Quick viewing of imbalances of FAs
  • FAs are categorized for visual analysis
  • Summation of EFA families
  • View of Renegade FAs depicting toxicity
The fatty acids are separated into three categories:
  • Burn it - Renegade & trans fatty acids
  • Build it – DMAs (myelin markers), unsaturated and saturated fatty acids
  • Balance it – EFAs Omega 6 and Omega 3

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Individualized nutritional intervention addresses abnormalities in the patient’s fatty acid test results, and links to biomedical supplementation with essential fatty acids and catalysts such as vitamins and minerals to normalize the patient’s abnormal lipid metabolism.
  • A primary clinical tool for biochemical individuality
  • Cutting edge biomedical research application
  • Preventative and treatment protocols are represented
  • Directly linked to evidence-based medical data

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Depiction of out-of-range biomarkers for close examination of abnormalities and a sequenced graph from lowest to highest aberrations.
  • View of only highs and lows of biomarkers
  • Percentage deviation
  • Patient result and reference range

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Suggestions for the practitioner in regard to individualized therapeutic medical interventions per the patient’s abnormal test results.
  • Cutting edge biomedical research application to abnormal test result
  • Treatment protocol suggestions
  • Directly linked to evidence-based medical data

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Panels included are Omega 3, Omega 6, Eicosanoids,Cognition,Vision, Mental Stability, Myelination, Membrane Fluidity, Immune Lipid Connection, Cardiac Assessment, Cancer/Cellular Distortion, Mitochondrial Respiration Peroxisomal Respiration, Trans Isomer and Odd Chain Fatty acids.


The biosystem analysis is organized into panels that categorize the fatty acid test results into a component “organ scan” presentation of the systems of the body as indicated by aberrant biomarkers. The Body System Panels allow the practitioner to review subsets and ascertain which of the patient’s organ systems may be abnormal or imbalanced requiring intervention.
  • Organ systems may be quickly evaluated
  • Individualized intervention clearly revealed
  • Detailed description of aberrations
  • Panels group and graph lab results
  • Directly linked to evidence-based medical data

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BodyBio developed a patented method of isolating disease patterns through the use of a percentage status deviation concept. The report checks thepatient’s current lab results against the vast body of medical knowledge in relation to disease patterns.
  • Check for matches to disease patterns
  • Tool for further investigation of health problems
  • Directly linked to evidence-based medical data

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Individualized dietary suggestions are given based altered red cell fatty acid biomarkers in the lipid test from Johns Hopkins for guidance towards optimal health.
  • Patient based suggestions for healthy cell membrane function
  • Dietary changes based on optimizing essential fatty acids

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